Adler's Waupaca and Palace, WI, May 14, 1942

[Wartime letter from Milt to army nurse Cathereen]

Hello Pretty Girl,

Here I go again. Still using company stationery. One of these times I'll use something else and you'll wonder who is writing. Perhaps I better explain something right now. This is going to be a very poor letter. I'm in an awfully bad mood to-day. You didn't know I was moody, did you? Well I am. In fact I am probably the moodiest person you have ever met.

To-day I am disgusted with everything in and including life. Right now I don't give a damn whether I live or not. Now that I think of it, I believe I do want to live, at least long enough for another date with you! However I do feel blue and tired. Some of it, no doubt, is due to the weather, some if probably due to the rotten business we've been doing and some of it is just after effects of yesterday and last night. The operator here had some bad luck with his motorcycle. He tried to race with me. Well, he got his up to 100 M.P.H. and then I passed him. Unfortunately his bike couldn't take that much punishment. He burned up his pistons. (pistons are a vital part of the motor, without which no internal combustion engine will run).

Yesterday we took my bike (I should say Bud's, he's home on another furlough) and went to Wisconsin Rapids to get some repairs for his. Then we came back through Stevens Point, a trip of about 100 miles. It was darn windy and very hard riding so I was pretty tired. Last night I was going to go right home but at the last minute Screwy and I went out to Tornow's. (Mike and Eleanor and a couple of other girls were there. They didn't stay long though.) After a few drinks the conversation drifted around to you. Were your ears burning? They were! Its seems like he, Screwy, would like to take you out, and him only 19 or20. Would you rob the cradle? No. Well, I didn't think you would. Well, I convinced him that I would much rather have you go out with me than him. Then he started drinking to you and everything about you. We couldn't drink to Milt's girl friend (his phrase) with ordinary drinks so Norman Tornow built us some of his special whooperdoopers, and you know his specials! A grand time was had by all.

This morning I had some tomato juice and I would have felt good if I could only see! Wish you had been here. Maybe you could have helped me. I met a nurse on vacation out to the Lakes once that had the nicest little harmless looking pills for hangovers but they sure did the business.

Well, that's enough of this chatter. Let's talk about you. So I'm the first person you've ever written to while on duty? I like that. It certainly sounds good. Shall I say that you're the first person I've written to when I'm supposed to be working? Well much as I'd like to I cannot tell a lie. I've cheated on my good employer before.

Thanks a lot for the picture, have already mounted it in a place of honor in my album. Don't forget to send the rest. That one look awfully lonesome on that page alone. Next time you come up I'm going to take some more. What do you mean that one of you was pretty good. I thought it was darn good. So I always take good pictures. Thanks for the compliment. In knew they were always about the same but no one ever told me whether they were good or bad. By the way, I'd like to see the one excption.

Well for the mood I was in when I started this letter it's progressed pretty good. Maybe I should continue? You want me to. All right then I will. Anything to please you. I can't imagine why I should feel so much better now. It must be the thought of you. Aren't you flattered? You should be. Hope you can get up here again soon. I'm sure we'll have more fun than last time, that is if I still have a date.

Oh by the way my sister just came into the office. I've told her all about you and she wants to meet you, so Cathie, this is Joyce, Joyce this is Cathie. There now that you've met you can go ahead--

Hello Cathie,

I'm glad to know you and hope I can meet you in person soon. Milt has been telling me about you and I really would like to know you better now that we have met. Judging from your picture and what Milt has been telling me I think you would be a lot of fun (and you're about all he talks about when I come down here now).

Gee, I hope when you come down some time that we will be able to double date -- maybe a wiener roast or something?

Here comes Milt so I'll have to say 'bye now and let him carry on for the Behm family. Do you think I can trust him to uphold our honor in regard to writing good letters? If he doesn't, let me know and I'll promise it won't happen again. Will it, brother of mine?

So long,


Here I am back again. Now that you've met my best looking sister (she's my only one) how do you like her? You do? Well that's good. She's a lot of fun. We're going out tonight after I get through. Don't know where but probably Tornow's.

Well, this manuscript is getting heavy so I better close. By the way, will you please tell me just how you spell your first name? On your compact it was started with a "K." You sign it with a "C." Now which is right. So long now,. See you soon. Tell Winkie "hello" from and Bob.



P.S. My family physician gave me some very good advice how to treat acute auricular ventricular girlitis. Am starting treatments as soon as possible.