My mom made me promise to leave some professional breadcrumbs. Here's a short selection:


"Future Perfect," Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

"Over My Dead Body," Boston Globe Sunday Magazine.

"Bedroom Window," Boston Globe Sunday Magazine.


Curtains, 2005. 

Online columns

"Down with PPD?" at Wonderland at Alpha Mom.

"Welcome Aboard HMS Princess Euphoria" at Wonderland at Alpha Mom.

Product chat

ThisNext Mother's Day lineup 2007.

"I Con You Because I Love You," at


Scrapple, a play. You can actually BUY this. I won't make a cent. But we can pretend.


"Wean," at Brain, Child.

"Vanished," at Brain, Child.

"Muse of Fire, Muse of Floss," over at Literary Mama.

Penis outreach

"A Man, His Penis and The Extender," my heartfelt plea to Ron Black to stop doing terrible things to his wanker.