Zombie Nazi apocalypse in progress, and I won't get off your lawn, Grandpa

"These" posts of mine freak people out. I don't really get why, and I'm not about to stop posting. If Zuckerberg can use Facebook to show me incontinence panties, I can use Facebook (or my own damn blog) to talk about being an ally, right?

Racism, classism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia: they’re only nuanced if you’re writing a dissertation and you’ve got the reading list to prove it.

It’s simple stuff. When something’s unjust, speak up. Toddlers understand people look different, but everybody gets just as many cookies at snack time, or it’s not fair.

Stop worrying about stepping on the toes of shitty people, even if you’re related to them or you think of them as friends. It’s 2019. Why do you think so little of yourself, that you think you need “slightly racist but basically ok” humans in your circle?

Guard your world. Teach your chosen fam and birth squad all are truly safe with you, and no B.S. excuses will be made for medieval thinking that tears at the seams of humanity and fosters hate.

These are dark days — and because of that, we’ve all gotta be braver and make hard choices. Speak up. Don’t be afraid to call someone out for a nasty choice or word. Silence only serves the aggressors, the perpetrators of violence against others (passive or active). I’m paraphrasing Elie Wiesel. If you don't know who that is, or why I'm paraphrasing him, you've got some work to do, friend.

Humble yourself. Don't you go getting indignant. That's your ego talking and that's going to help exactly no one. Humbling ourselves is something we all must do in 2019. Learn on your own — read — listen to podcasts — be an active knowledge seeker on any and all issues that sit funny with you, on any issue that makes you think to yourself, "Why are they making such a fuss, really?"

If you do your homework, you'll find the reason. I can guarantee if you're in "why all the fuss?" land, you, friend, have not done the proper homework. And that's on you.

DO NOT sit back in your stuffed recliner waiting for knowledge to be dropped in your lap for your 5 o’clock news sound-bite commentary. That’s the very definition of white-ass privilege.

Listen to those who are more likely than you to be marginalized or at-risk in society. It’s not real hard to figure out. And until it is hard to figure out, our work as outspoken allies is not even close to begun, let alone done.

Do not fear offending those who spread fear and hate, even those who hide their cowardice in microaggressions (oh yes, they’re real, folks). Fear alienating the truly good souls in your life who already feel alone and don’t know which white faces they can actually trust.

BE AN ALLY. LIVE AS AN ALLY, NOT A COWARD WATCHING AND MUTTERING FROM BEHIND YOUR DRAWN CURTAINS. Sorry we’re on your lawn, Grandpa, but there seems to be a zombie Nazi apocalypse happening, and the neighborhood is mobilizing.

Jenny out. For, you know, ten minutes or so.